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31 January 2009

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Peter John
4 January 2009

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28 December 2008

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Midnight the Cat's Nose
27 December 2008

Recent Comments

Calusarus on Max
A cute portrait !

MARIANA on Peter
gorgeous kid :)) great portrait !

beautiful little cat :)) great shot :)

chandan on Max
Very nice perspective...Beautiful shot....

Rachelle on Max
She is so cute? Is she your kitty? I just wanna pinch her little cheeks and hug her!

guillaume on Max
very beautifull picture ! nice green eyes...

Michael on Max
GREAT PICTURE! and this goes without saying but, thank you so much for posting again!!!!!!!!!

Don on Max
I like how you framed "max" in the picture to emphasize his eyes. He sure enough up to something! A fine ...

Luke on Max

Luke on Max
I like the whiskers! max is a 8 out of 10.

Dad on Max
Max looks like he's got mischief in his eyes. Nice photo, son.

Michael on Peter
Cute Smile.

Masaya Aouiamaku on Peter

Masaya Aouiamaku on Scanner Series: Remotes
それは大きい! 私はWiiのリモートを愛する!

Phil on Purple Cabbage
Hi Matt, Finally on your photo blog! This is amazing!

pieter on Peter
you caught pure joy

Laurie on Peter
So cute! I love his smile!

Don on Peter
A nice smile on this great guy! How about a close up of his missing two front teeth? Nice post, Matt.

jparrado on Peter John
Inocencia, muy bonita.

Luke on Peter
Very nice portrait!

Michael on Peter
Omg ur right that hat is so cute on him!!! Green's awesome

Luke on Filled with love?
This is great matt!

Vert Pomme on Filled with love?

Vert Pomme on Filled with love?

Michael on Filled with love?
and YES i said GOSH matt lol

Michael on Filled with love?
omg, i "luv" this!! very cool thematic presentation for valentines day... well done... :D

Eleftheria on Filled with love?

Kylie Greenan on Filled with love?
Such a beautiful passage and reminder, I love your creative image for the day... Happy Valentine's Day Matthew!

don on Filled with love?
A great message for valentine's day. I hope your day of practice goes well. Nice art work and post.

pieter on Scanner Series: Necklace
great post.. where do you enter?

Laurie on Scanner Series: Necklace
It's quite an interesting series.

Michael on Scanner Series: Necklace
i like it... its unique. great choice of subject...

Michael on Scanner Series: Iron Man
heh i like it... good choice... keeping things fresh

jenjen on Scanner Series: Necklace
i love how you coiled the necklcae instead of straight. i like this one and the chip the best....

Don on Scanner Series: Necklace
This is a fine choice for the jewel-like reflections in each bead. The scanner series was innovative, creative and in ...

Don on Scanner Series: Iron Man
Pete picked a favorite for this scan. Nice job of getting his color and the detail that makes the picture so ...

kaylee...... you know who i am on Scanner Series: Necklace
thats perty! =) i love them all!!!!

kaylee...... you know who i am on Scanner Series: Iron Man
hehe me too... thats a good picture matty your a silly boy!

Luke on Scanner Series: Iron Man
I love the new iron man movie!

Luke on Scanner Series: Remotes
I forgot how simple the wiimote was!

Don on Scanner Series: Phone
I like the idea of getting an image of your telephone. Nice job of scanning.

Don on Scanner Series: Remotes
I thought it was a fine idea to combine these and get a group image. Nice work with your scanner. I tried to comment on ...

standley on Scanner Series: Remotes
Very nice scan series. I enjoy it!

standley on Scanner Series: Chip
Well done. Great lighting!

Michael on Scanner Series: The Boys
like it.... is that petey??

Michael on Tokens
I love this pic!! great job

Luke on Scanner Series: Phone
A typical wireless phone. I like your scanner series. so is it photography on the weekends and scans during the week?

Laurie on Scanner Series: Phone
Some people use this technique for "photographing" jewelry for the web. It is interesting.

Luke on Scanner Series: The Boys
Very cool!

Scott Schilling on Scanner Series: The Boys
another interesting shot! I like the two different sized hands.

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